Recent publications – INCOSE

I’ve spent the last two years leading an INCOSE Fellows’ project to review and update the definitions INCOSE uses for “System” and “Systems Engineering”.

Key results of this were presented during the International Symposium in Washington DC in July 2018, and a couple of papers were also published last year, one at the International Symposium in Adelaide, and one in Systems Engineering Journal.

Copies of all of these papers can be viewed using the links below.

NB Links all updated 12 Feb 2020. All should now work!

IS 2017 paper Defining “system” a comprehensive approach
SE Journal May 2017 paper What is a system? An ontological framework
INCOSE Webinar April 2018

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Webinar 111 – April 2018 – Sillitto – What is a system?
IS 2018 Papers What do we mean by “system”? – System Beliefs and Worldviews in the INCOSE Community (BEST PAPER)

A fresh look at Systems Engineering – what is it, how should it work?

Envisioning Systems Engineering as a Transdisciplinary Venture

Analysis of Results for the Systems Engineering Worldviews Survey

Our final recommendations will be out for review to INCOSE members shortly, and after any useful improvements from this review are incorporated, will be offered for formal adoption by INCOSE over the winter of 2018-19.