Interesting way to think about Systems Architecting

Last week I participated in a panel at the INCOSE International Symposium in Edinburgh. We got great feedback from the panel – Mike Wilkinson, who chaired the panel, had quite a few positive comments from the audience, including one person who said it was “brilliant – the best panel session I have attended”.

Mike put a lot of pressure on us to get down to a single slide. So I thought hard about what I’d said in my position paper, and condensed it into the following graphic. Several people said they found it really interesting and useful, so here it is. The notion is that architecture is on the one hand a bridge between value and feasibility, and on the other between systems science and systems engineering. The architect tries to deal as much as possible in “patterns”, abstracted conceptual arrangements known to occur in certain domains and/or to provide solutions for certain classes of problem.

My one slide for the "Systems Architecture - Snakeoil or Panacea" panel at INCOSE IS2016
My one slide for the “Systems Architecture – Snakeoil or Panacea” panel at INCOSE IS2016